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what is the allusion in this passage

my mom is a draconian monster. Amy cried in her best "victim" voice to her friend jessop. "She won't let me do anything fun. yesterday she made me study vocabulary words before I could go out with my friends. that where so multitudinous that I couldn't finish before my friends were ready to go. jessop looked at her without pity. he was sure that Amy was only telling one part of the truth he knows Amy's mom pretty well, and he reasoned that she probably knew exactly what she was doing Amy on the other hand was renowned among their circle of friend for her theatrics

a victim
b theatrics
c draconian
d multitudinous

is it victim?

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    Are you crystal clear on the meaning of "allusion"? I'm surprised you have to ask about this one.

    Which word is NOT usual in our speech and writing? Which word is referring to something else in order to get its meaning across?

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