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Could you please check the details of this trip? Thank you very much

1) We left from Turin at 5 a.m. by bus.
Six hours later we arrived in Aquileia and visited the remains (also ruins?) of the old Roman town.
2) In the afternoon we moved (better we got to) a place near Trieste where we visited a castle.
3) Then we transferred to Miramare where our hotel was. (not "where there was our hotel").
4) On the second day we went to Postumia where we (better "and we") visited the caves. Then we returned to the hotel and had dinner there.
On the third day we went to Trieste. 5) After visiting it (we had visited it), we had lunch (we ate a lunch box prepared by the hotel: How can I express this?).
6) In the afternoon we visited a concentration camp where many Jews (or Jewish people?) were wiped out (killed) during the war.

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    1. Find -- and "ruins" would be better.

    2. In the afternoon, we arrived at a place near ...

    3. OK (delete words in parentheses)

    4. On the second day, we went to Postumia where we visited...

    5. After visiting WHAT? What is "it"?
    ... we had a box lunch from the hotel's kitchen.

    6. ...where many Jews were killed during the war.

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