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How does this read as the first part of a debate?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the United States wants to have its cake and eat it too. Dictatorships stand for everything that the United States opposes. Tyranny, repression and at times they lack fundamental human rights. Therefore the question must be asked, should the United States continue to support these countries? Obviously the United States should not.
Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, chairperson. As the affirmative team tonight we will present compelling reasons why the United States should withdraw their support - political, economic and military, from dictatorial regimes. A dictatorial regime is, as we define it, where an individual has absolute control over citizens. In many cases such regimes restrict the freedoms of speech, activities and religion. Support is limited to support of the government either politically, economically or military but does not include support of the people through aid organisations. Tonight I will speak on the short term reasons why the United States should withdraw their support from these regimes and Riley, our second speaker, will continue tonight’s case by arguing from a long term perspective.
I will make three main points, firstly that support implies agreement, secondly that supporting these dictatorships is hypocritical and thirdly that support denies human rights.
To my first point, that support implies agreement. With its fundamental role in international politics, the United States has the ability to shape the way that the world views a regime. What the United States does has a ripple effect on the rest of the world. The United States cannot pick or choose what effect it has on the world at large. When it takes a stance on something, most other countries follow that stance. In the same way that a cash donation implies support of an organisation, when a country supplies economic support to another, the implication is that the country agrees with the behaviour of the other. When a person acknowledges another’s status, it is made public that you agree that the other person has the right to that status. What would have happened, say, if Barak Obama had not called Julia Gillard after she assumed the Prime Ministerial role in 2010? The same principles apply to dictatorships. Like it or not, the United States is recognising the other countries legitimacy and sovereignty when they support that country.

  • HELLLLP! -

    HELLLLUP is NOT the School Subject and probably won't get this read at all.

    militarily (Not military)

    You might want to decide whether to use "the United States" plural or singular and then be consistent (it OR they)


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