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define 5 pathologies: give definition, give a treatment, will the person survive,anything else interesting. Include references Please type, 10-15 sentences each pathology.

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    We do not DO the work for you but HELP. Here are some links to try:


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    ok can you give me 5 pathologies and I will look them up. Im not sure what pathologies are.

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    First of all, pathology is the study and diagnosis of diseases = the causes, effects, processes, development, consequences, etc.

    Pick any part of the body and there is a pathology. Some examples are: vocal, EKG (heart), liver, visual, bone, equilibrium, endometrial, foot.

    However you will find things such as: the pathology of Human Behavior, Overfishing, Allergies, Common Cold, Speech-Therapy.

    Find what seems most interesting to you. Since the School Subject, you might be expected to select "health issues."


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