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Thank You Writeacher and others at Jiskha - you are Awesome -

I got 96% on my Exam - should really have been 98-100% but that is computers and not being able to take it up with a Teacher.

Wrong ones:
Identify the simple subject and simple predicate.
The elderly patient's deep venous thrombosis was treated with Coumadin.

simple subject = I put as we discussed and according to Google there are more than one thrombosis ex.(deep vein thrombosis) venous thrombosis - they only wanted:
simple subject = thrombosis
simple predicate = was treated(correct)

Wrong One: Puctuation

Correct the punctuation by inserting periods, commas, and apostrophes where and if appropriate.
The serial 7's revealed in my opinion evidence of abnormalities.

The serial 7's revealed in my opinion, evidence of abnormalities.

I took out the apostrophe after 7 - because according to my module:
"If you use capital letters or numbers , you do not need to use apostrophes.
I GOOGLED - got Oxford Dictionaries-
"you can use an apostrophe to show the plurals of single numbers.
ex. Find all the number 7's.
I suppose it is a preference not a rule?

Thank you again - I really appreciate all your help and expertise.

I just might need you again on my next module.
Bye for now - going to take a break and enjoy the Beautiful Okanagan.

  • Grammar-Writeacher -

    Just can't let it go - ha, ha,
    just re-checked Google to put the word deep vein thrombosis in my word list and I was Wrong -
    deep vein thrombosis and deep vein thrombosis are the same thing!
    Answer would only be thrombosis
    and venous is an adjective like you suggested.
    You can only learn from your mistakes and get better.
    Thanks Writeacher - How are you at Anatomy and Disease - my next module!

  • Grammar-Writeacher -

    Ahhh, OK, if they are just two names for the same thing, that makes sense.

    I'm VERY happy with your score. If those are the only things you missed, you're doing great! Congratulations!

    I know just about nothing about any of the sciences -- for teaching purposes, that is. But among Ms. Sue, BobPursley, Sra, and I, you should get all the help you need!

  • Grammar-Writeacher -

    In regards to the seriel 7's question, the correct answer has commas before AND after the prepositional phrase of "in my opinion."

    The complete correct answer is:
    The serial 7's revealed revealed, in my opinion, evidence of abnormalities.

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