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english ,,please check my grammar

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please help me to get the correct grammar... thank you..

my father is turning 76 and he’s still physically strong and healthy and my mother is turning 75 and she’s also doing good her life and living together.we are nine members in our
family and I have four sisters and five brothers. My elder brother lives in Mindanao and my 2 sisters as well.may other siter,dely 45 year old is living in our place near to my father and mother’s 3 brothers are staying in manila and they are working. My sister slen is staying in cebu city with 2 kids and her husband is working in the ship abroad.its been more than 6 years I did not meet my elder brother paterno ,and 2 sisters marita and jianita where they are living in mindanao and I wish we will meet all together nce I CAN GO BACK HOME.

  • english ,,please check my grammar -

    Well, I will make a quick re-write. By the way your mother and father + you + four sisters + five brothers = 12 in family:

    My father is nearly 76 years old and is still physically strong and healthy. My mother is turning 75 and she is also doing well. She enjoys her life and living together.
    I have four sisters and five brothers. My older brother lives in Mindanao and my two sisters as well as my other sister Dely, who is forty five years old, live in our town near the home of my father and mother. Three of my brothers live and work in Manila. My sister Slen is staying in Cebu City with her two children. Her husband is working aboard a ship.
    I have not seen my older brother Paterno or my sisters Marita or Jianita for more than six years where they are living in Minadano.
    I hope we can all get together once I can go back home!

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