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Trig- Check my answer Please

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Find the reference angle for -144 degrees.

I'm coming up with 504 degrees, but I think I'm missing a step.

  • Trig- Check my answer Please -

    I now think its 36 degrees

  • Trig- Check my answer Please -

    Visually it doesn't make sense for an angle to be negative.
    However we often measure angles off of some axis, such as the x-axis, and positive angles go around counter-clockwise, while negative angles go around clockwise.
    Outside of the context of a Cartesian Coordinate system (x-y plane), negative angles don't generally make sense but:


    Trigonometric Identities for negative angles:

    sin(-A) = - sin(A)

    cos(-A) = cos(A)

    tan(-A) = - tan(A)

    cot(-A) = - cot(A)

    csc(-A) = - csc(A)

    sec(-A) = sec(A)

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