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Identify the simple subject and simple predicate in each.

The elderly patient's deep venous thrombosis was treated with Coumadin.
1. simple subject-

2. simple predicate
was treated
? is the answers more than one word?

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    A main verb (simple predicate) can have more than one word, yes.

    You've got the simple predicate right, but not the subject. Ask yourself: Who or what "was treated..."?

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    In my lessons it explains - find the simple predicate first.
    'was treated'
    yes ask yourself the question
    Who or What was treated-

    ANSWER: venous thrombosis
    I believe you can leave out the word deep - ? that would be an adjective describing the above?

  • grammar -


    Are there other types of thrombosis? If there are, then keep venous. If not, then venous is an adjective, too.

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    I Googles thrombosis -
    found that besides venous thrombosis there is also deep vein thrombosis-

    Answer: keep the word venous
    simple subject: venous thrombosis

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    OK, good. =)

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