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What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence and what is the object of the preposition?
Fats release energy slowly, instead of the quick release from carbohydrates.
I know that instead of is the preposition. Is EVERYTHING behind it the prepositional phrase and if so, what is the object of the preposition?

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    You have two prepositional phrases.

    You found the first: instead of the quick release.

    The other phrase: from carbohydrates.

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    You might like this list of prepositions = single, double, triple words:



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    preposition = bold
    object of preposition = underlined

    instead of the quick release from carbohydrates

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    Thank you for the quick response! So, is release the object or quick release? For the second one, the object would obviously be carbohydrates.

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    Only "release." Adjectives are not objects of anything, and "quick" is an adjective.

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