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Select the sentence that does NOT have an agreement error.

a. Improving balance and coordination of the lower extremities, I gave him some exercises.

b. These treatments consisted of balance and coordination exercises to improve balance and coordination of the lower extremities.

c. These treatments consisited of balance exeercises, strength practice, and helping with coordination.

Answer: 'c'

('b') run on sentence

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    Right about c.

    B. is wrong, but it is not a run-on sentence.

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    I have been using this site as a grammar reference source and I am finding a fair number of errors from both Ms. Sue and Writeacher. I am using this 'Agreement' question as an example.

    I selected 'C' as the answer on my test but it was marked wrong. The correct answer is 'B'.

    So, I am uncertain whether the answers from Ms. Sue and Writeacher are in fact correct so I end up using another grammar and punctuation website(s) to verify the correct answer.

    I would therefore kindly ask Ms. Sue and Writeacher what are your credentials (whereby you are answering the questions posted on this website)?

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