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juana slides a crate along the floor of the moving van the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and van floor is 0.120 the crate has a mass of 56.8 kg and juana pushes with horizontal force of 124 N. if 74.4 J of work are done on crate and the delta x is 1.3m. what is the final speed if the crate starts at rest?

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    Here's a hint:

    (Work done by Juana) - (Work done against friction)
    = (Increase in kinetic energy)

    Use the final kinetic energy to get the speed.

    The friction force is
    Ff = M*g*(0.12) = 66.8 N

    The work done against friction is

    Ff*1.3 = 209.6 J

    The work done pulling is 124N*1.3m = 161.2 J

    The difference becomes kinetic energy

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