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Can you check the meaning of these few phrasal verbs, please? Thank you

In the beginning I dislike my classmates but then I came around thinking they aren't so bad.
Can you drop in on me after school. I need to talk to you.
My plan to go to the mountains fell through because of bad weather.
Thousands of people turned out for the concert.
If you turn over the photocopy (the photocopy over?) you'll find the solutions to your test.
His idea turned out to be wrong.
I need an example of turn out meaning "to empty"

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    1. disliked
    Two commas needed.

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. OK

    5. turn the photocopy over = better, but both phrasings are correct; comma needed

    6. OK

    7. ~~She turned out the pockets of all the pants and shirts before putting them in the washing machine.

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