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College Algebra

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that's to the third power

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    Solving implies that you are dealing with an equation.
    You did not give an equation.

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    sorry is cubing binomials and the avove problem

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    What is it equal to??
    You still did not state the "equation"

    It should look something like

    (3x-5)^3 = ????

    are you just expanding (3x+5)^3
    you could do it the long way by doing

    or you could use Pascal's triangle whose third row has coefficients 1 3 3 1
    = 1(3x)^3 + 3(3x^2)(5) + 3(3x)(5^2) + 5^3
    = 27x^3 + 135x^2 + 225x + 125

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    great!!! thanks so much ...... you are a life saver!!!!! =)

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