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For a class project, I have been asked to find the volume of the area bounded by two functions, with cross sections of equilateral triangles.

The two functions in question are
y = xsinx
y = -xsinx ,

And I need to find the volume that would result if the cross sections were equilateral triangles.

The interval upon which I have to do this is [-2π, 2π].I am aware that I have to integrate an area function in order to obtain the volume, but I am confused about how to get an area function for this.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    I don't know what you mean by the volume of an area, or the cross section of an area.

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    I;m sorry, I did not state that very well. I'm still new to calculus.

    I think I have figured it out. Thank you for responding anyway.

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