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2nd revision to the question, it is 7.62atm not 7.2atm, its now all correct on the question. sorry again

Fluorine and krypton react to form binary compounds when a mixture of the two gases is heated to 500C in a nickel reaction vessel. A 100mL nickel container is filled with fluorin and krypton to partial pressures of 10.10 atm and 1.24 atm, respectively at a room temperature of 20 C. The reaction vessel is heated to 500 C and then cooled to a temperature at which F2 is a gas and krypton fluorides are nonvolatile solids. The remaining F2 gas is transferred to another 100mL nickel container where the pressure of F2 at 20C is 7.62 atm. Assuming all the krypton has reacted, what is the formula of the product?

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    I have posted my response below. Just follow the steps and you will get the answer. You will not need to go through the multiplication steps. Just dividing by 0.005 will do it. You should end up with KrF2.

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