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im doing a reserch paper on being a news anchor i need an opening sentence a hook i no it goes for personal prefrence but could someone help me get an idea pls


    What have you said in the body of your paper?


    well im just now beging my draft but the just of it is a news anchor woukd be a good carrer for me because the skills needed for this career and that i love the idea of it and so forth but i don't no what to do for the introduction


    i need like an example of how to start it bcuz when i start it it sounds persuwasive


    its okay


    well my teacher dosent want persuwasive i need a non opion factual paper and i have no idea how to get it going


    how does this sound:Finding a career may be difficult, but comparing facts and researching may help. Being a news anchor


    Finish your paper BEFORE you write your introduction.

    How can you introduce something you don't know?

    If your paper is about being a news anchor, then stick to that.

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