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i am a 3 digit number divisible by tens digit is 3 times as great as my hundreds digit and the sum of my digits is 15. if you reverse my digits i am divisible by 6 and 3...... what number am i?

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    We know that the number is divisible by three if the sum of its digits is 15!

    It's got 3 digits. When reversed, it is divisible by 6, which means that the reversed number is divisible by 2. This translates to
    "the hundred's digit is even".

    "my tens digit is 3 times as great as my hundreds digit"
    we deduce that the number must be one of the three possibilities:

    A. 13X
    B. 26X
    C. 39X

    Where X can be found from the fact that the digits add up to 15.

    Both A and C will not work because the hundreds digit is not even.

    So can you find the number now?

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