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Can you please check this paragraph for me? I need to express it better, using synonyms if possible. Thank you.

1) Joyce set all his works in Ireland and mostly in the city of Dublin.
2) Influenced by the French authors Flaubert and Baudelaire, he believed in the impersonality of the writer, as did T.S. Eliot.
3) His task was to portray objectively ordinary people doing ordinary things and living ordinary lives (can you help me express this more briefly). By so doing he succeeded in representing the whole of man’s mental, emotional and biological reality.
4) The facts, however, often become confused since they are explored form different points of view simultaneously rather than from the voice of an omniscient narrator.
5) For this reason Joyce can be labelled as a modernist writer.
His novels open in media res (synonym) with the description of a particular moment, and the portrait of the character is based on introspection rather than on description.
6) Time is not perceived as objective but as subjective.
7) In Dubliners each story is told from the perspective of a character.

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    2) comma fafter Flaubert

    3) His task was to portray ordinary people objectively.

    5) synonm of in media res = Because this is Latin, you'll not find a synonym. The legal definition is:
    Into the heart of the subject, without preface or introduction. "a story not beginning at the beginning!"


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