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High Knob Mountain is 4044 ft. high.What is this distance in meters?
a. 6470 m
b. 102.8 m
c. 1233 m
d. 4000 m

I did it like this: 1yard=3f,so 4044ft=1348yd.
1yd=0.914m,so it gives 1232.072m
Maybe I did something wrong?but it does not match to any answer:(
Thanks for any help.

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    By using 1 yd. = 0.9144 m, I get 1,232.61 meters. Rounded that is 1233 m.

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    Thats interesting why books do not give the exact meaning?>_<

    Thank You very much, Ms.Sue!

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    You're welcome.

    I typed yards meters into the Google search box to get 0.9144 m.

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