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I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. It is really urgent!!

1) Where are you going to have a holiday next summer?
2) I'm going to stay there for (is for necessary in writing?) two weeks with my family.
3) I'm going to visit many cities in Calabria, like Tropea and Crotone.
I'm going to eat the famous Tropea onions.
4) I'm going to drive from Turin to Tropea, in Calabria.
When we return to Italy, we are going to (or we will) go to the seaside, to (or in?) Tropea for a week.
5)Where are you going on holiday next summer?
We are going to take our flight to Rome early in the morning.
6) Our flight is scheduled at 4 am.

  • English -

    2) with or without 'for'

    4) the parenthetical expressions are also possible

    6) scheduled at or scheduled for


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