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For the following electrochemical cell:
Fe(s) Fe2+(aq) MnO4–(aq) Mn2+(aq) Pt(s)

Which letter corresponds to the correct balanced chemical equation in an acidic solution?

A. Fe(s) + 8H+(aq) + MnO4–(aq)Mn2+(aq) + 4H2O(l) + Fe2+(aq)
B. 5Fe(s) + 16H+(aq) + 2MnO4–(aq)2Mn2+(aq) + 8H2O(l) + 5Fe2+(aq)
C. Fe(s)+8H+(aq)+MnO4–(aq)+Pt2+(aq)Mn2+(aq)+4H2O(l)+Fe2+(aq)+Pt(s)
D. 2Mn2+(aq) + 8H2O(l) + 5Fe2+(aq)5Fe(s) + 16H+(aq) + 2MnO4–(aq)
E. Mn2+(aq)+4H2O(l)+Fe2+(aq)+Pt(s)Fe(s)+8H+(aq)+MnO4–(aq)+Pt2+(aq)

What reaction is occurring at the cathode?

A. Mn2+(aq) + 4H2O(l)5e– + 8H+(aq) + MnO4–(aq)
B. Fe(s)Fe2+(aq) + 2e–
C. Fe2+(aq) + 2e–Fe(s)
D. 5e– + 8H+(aq)+MnO4–(aq)Mn2+(aq) +4H2O(l)
E. Pt(s)Pt2+ + 2e–

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    B and D

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