english 12 please help

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I marked my answers with ^. I need better understanding if i get these right or wrong i need to what the correct answer is and what makes it right.

1. Byron’s Don Juan is considered a mock epic because (1 point)

-the hero chases women instead of getting into epic battles.
-the hero is an aristocrat instead of being a knight or a warrior.^
-the hero speaks in a lofty way instead of being short and concise.

2. What is Don Juan’s attitude towards old age? (1 point)

-He fears it because he knows he will be forgotten.
-He embraces it as a welcome rest after the turmoil of youth.
-He considers it a time to give up his old habits and accept fate.^

3. What example of figurative language is used in lines 17–18?

No more—no more—Oh! never more, my heart, / Canst thou be my sole world, my universe! (1 point)


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