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Question: When a pink aqueous solution of potassium permanganate, faintly acidified with dilute sulfuric acid was treated with 10% aq. hydrogen peroxide, the reaction took place with the evolution of gas bubbles, and the pink solution was turned colorless. Further chemical analysis revealed that the evolved gas was oxygen, and the resulting solution contains potassium sulfate and manganese (II) sulfate; water was also formed during the same reaction. Please answer the following:

1.) Write down the proper chemical equation for this reaction.
2.) Balance the chemical equation.
3.) Define the type/types of the reaction, and offer an explanation for the color change.
4.) Write down the ions (and define types) present in the solution before and after the reaction.
5.) If initially 5.65 g of potassium permanganate was taken for the reaction, calculate the total number of moles of manganese (II) sulfate present after the completion of the reaction.

Useful Hint: Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and considered to be a molecular compound.

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