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The Metis

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They were natives, and most of these native women got married to fur traders that worked for the NWC, as the NWC thought the loyalty of the Natives for them would increase, and the Natives thought it would be an advantage towards their living as well. Wives of the fur traders enjoyed an improved standard of living and their lives were generally easier than those of most women. The Metis formed the largest group of people with mixed ancestry. People with Native and Scottish or Native and British ancestry preferred the term "country-born". The Metis usually spoke French and Algonkian, or a dialect that combined the two languages and they were usually Roman Catholic. The Metis lived on some of the best prairie soils, and they built farms along the banks of both rivers.

These are my notes in paragraph format on the Metis. Could you please give me some notes or information that you know about the Metis. And Please no sites. I'm reading through the text about the Metis, and so I did this paragraph to get a better idea.

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