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I forgot to include these very last sentences. Thank you very much!

1) In the past Eveline and the other children used to play and shelter watchfully against her father.
(I can't understand this sentence, can you explain it to me?)
2) She remembers Frank’s courtship, his being kind, open-hearted and lively. He has a house in Buenos Aires. He was awfully fond of music and sang a little. He used to call her Poppens.
3) Eveline’s father quarreled with her boyfriend since he distrusted sailors. Because of that fight E. accepted to leave home and to go to Buenos Aires with Frank. Now they had to meet secretly.
4) The sound of the street organ reminds her of the night that her mother died, and how her father had paid a street organ player to move off, and how he had cursed all the foreigners.
5) She sees her mother’s last words meaningless. She sees her mother’s life as a “life of commonplace sacrifices closing in final craziness”.
She is caught between the passivity of her home city and a future far from her family with Frank.
6) Eveline is on the quayside. A swaying crowd surrounds her. She is paralysed and is not able to get on board the ship. Her relationship with Frank turns out to be a superficial one since she dare not take risks.
7) She understands that her affections for her family are the most important ones even if that place is a home with dusty curtains and that family contains a frequently drunken and abusive father. 8) The reader becomes aware of the end of Eveline’s dreams about an alternative life linked to love and freedom.

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    You're getting carried away again!! Choose the 4 or 5 that you REALLY are questioning, please.

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    I also doubt that you "forgot" to include these questions.

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