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I need to change this poem to an iambic pentameter poem..Please HELP!!!!

Love, unconditional, unbreakable, unmistakable .
A beating within your heart unstoppable.
The realistic magic ever so real,
That you cannot explain but only feel.
The warmth inside your heart,
You feel even when you’re apart.
The memories which are, forever unbreakable.

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    Try to keep the last word of each line and rewrite the rest of each line.

    Here's a start:

    Our love, so beautiful, unbreakable

    This site may help you with the rest

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    But I don't understand at all how to do that:(

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    Love is something that is not unmistakable,

    Something that is so real and true,

    Even when you feel in the blue,

    A beating in your heart,

    Never stops alothough your apart.

    Love never fails only you can make it stop!
    does this help? I tried my best! :)

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    I was showing her an example of what to do. If she copys it it her fault not mine becuse then she has commited plagrisim! :(

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