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How many mL of orange juice would be required to get the recommended daily allowance of 60 mg of vitamin C? (Concentration of vitamin C is .011 moles/L in 5.0 mL of juice).

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    The concentration of 0.11 mole/l does not depend upon the volume. I am assuming that you did not intend to write that 5.0 mL of juice contains 0.011 moles of Vitamin C.

    You are going to need the molecular weight of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to convert mole to mg.

    The formula is C6H8O6, so the molecular weight is 176 g/mol.

    0.011 moles/l = 1.936 g/liter
    is the Vitamin C concentration in mass/volume units.

    60 mg of juice presumably has a volume of 60 ml, since OJ is mostly water.

    For 60 mg of vitamin C, the MDA is
    (60*10^-3 g)/(1.936 g/liter) = 0.031 liter. That is only about one ounce.

    I don't believe that number. Recheck your assumptions and typing.

    For the MDA of 60 mg, you would require

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