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A simple pendulum suspended in a rocket ship has a period To. Assume that the rocket ship is near the earth in a uniform gravitational field. Determine for each of the following statements whether it is correct or incorrect.

If the length of the pendulum is doubled, the new period will be the square root of two times.To.
If the ship accelerates upward, the period increases.
If the ship moves upward with a constant velocity, the period decreases.
If the ship accelerates downward at 9.81 m/s2, the pendulum will no longer oscillate.
If the mass of the pendulum doubles, the period increases.

  • Physics -

    a. True.

    b. False.


    d. False.

    e. False.

  • Physics -

    a. Correct
    b. Incorrect
    c. Incorrect
    d. Correct
    e. Incorrect

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