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Physics-Please check

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Electricity may be generated by rotating a loop of wire between the poles of a magnet. The induced current is greates when:

a.Plane of loop makes an angle 45 degrees with the magnetic field
b.The plane of the loop is parallel to the magnetic field
c.The plane of the loop is perpendicular to the magnetic field
d.Magnetic flux through the loop is minimum.
I thought it would be parallel because it can't be perpendicular unless it is passing through the field. Magnetic flux through loop would have to be maximum not minimum but I'm not sure about the 45 degree angle.

  • Physics-Please check -

    c is the anwswer.

  • Physics-Please recheck -

    My teacher told me it isn't perpendicular because it is not passing through but rotating so now I'm totally confused-Could you please look at this again?
    Thank you

  • Physics-bobpursley Please recheck -

    Could you please recheck this above-because my teacher said perpendicular isn't correct

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