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Hello, I need this question explained. You don't have to give me the answer ,but I just need a break down order to know what direction i need to go in. I know what it means to be political..I guess Im just confused by the question. Please Help ! ( Question Below)

Research and Explain the Politics/Administration Dichotomy. (<<<Ive done that part). Do you believe that todays administrators (Civil Servants) have to be political ?

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    If you know what "political" means and you've done the Politics/Administration Dichotomy, which you could not do unless you understood what it mean, we're left with research and explain.

    What's left? You need to make up your mind as to whether they are or not and state why you believe that.


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    OKay , I will try. I guess I just didn't understand how politics came into it. I read that political admin dichotomy is the separation between politics and public administration.

    For example my books says that a city council does not get involved in administration or a city manager has no involvement in shaping policies.

    But.. I feel like that's what they should do. Instead of having no involvement with one another..thats what they're there for right ?

    I think I just answered the question. ^_^ Thank You !

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