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Need to find the predicate Adjective.

1. The valley in Johstown Pennsylvania was very deep. PA=deep
2. The hills around Johstown were high. PA=high
3. The lake above Johnstown seemed unusally full. PA=full
4. The concrete dam appeared weak. PA= weak
5. That day May 31, 1889 was stormy. PA=stormy
6. The levels of the lake became dangerously high. PA=dangerously
7. Water rose almost to the top of the dam. PA=none
8. The situation quickly became critical. PA=critical
9. Efforts to warn people were too late. PA=late
10. When the dam broke, it sounded explosive. PA=none
11. The flood water were unstoppable. PA=unstoppable
12. The flood destroyed everything in its path. PA=none
13. The devastation of Johnstown was incredibly rapid. PA=incredibly
14. Once people heard of the disater, they wre generous to the victimw. PA=generous
15. The process of rebuilding Johnstown was slow. PA=slow

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    6. "dangerously" is an adverb.

    10. This sentence has a PA.

    13. You found an adverb, not a PA

    The rest are correct! :-)

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