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Physical science

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A) a 100 gram ice cube is at -10 degrees celcius. how many calories needed to raise it to 0 degrees C.?

B) once its at 0 degrees, how many more calories are needed to melt it?

C) once melted, how many are needed to raise it to 100 degrees C.?

need answers t all!! thank you!!

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    (A) Multiply the specific heat of ice by the 100 g mass and 10 C (temperature rise).
    (B) Multiply the 100 g mass by the heat of fusion. The temperature remains 0 C while ot melts.
    (C) Multiply the specific heat of water by 100 g and 100 C.

    If you do not know the specific heats of ice and liquid water, nor the heat of fusion, this would be a very good time to look them up.

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    does that mean
    A= 500 cal/g.

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