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1. Blue light and yellow light combine to produce white light because they constructively interfere. Explain why

2. You shine yellow light on an object and it appears black. What color might the object be if illuminated by red light? Justify your response.

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    1 is not true.

    2. It is either black or blue. Black absorbs all colors, blue absorbs yellow and red.

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    We did a lab and messed around with light. Yellow light was made up of green and red light, so combining it with blue made white light. But I don't know how it works

  • Physics - light -

    Then the yellow light you had was not yellow, it was a combination of green and red. RBG makes white.

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    yes, that's what I'm saying. We mixed red and green to make yellow light, so that plus blue makes white light. But I don't understand how that and constructive interference have anything to do with eachother

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