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I wrote 5 phrases and several alternatives. Can you please check tif they are grammatical? Thank you. I urgently need them. I include 2/3 phrases each time. Thank you

1) While I was getting ready for school
it started to rain, my mum cooked brakfast, my sister woke up, the toothpaste fell off the sink (washbasin?), mum mum woke up, I fell off (down) the stairs, I lost my pencil, my sister had a shower, my mum phoned me, the phone rang, her plane took off, I realized I hadn't had my rucksack, my cat asked for food, my sister got up.
2) After I had had lunch/had made breakfast/ had taken a shower/ got ready (had got ready??)/ I had finished my homework.... I left home.

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    1. spelling = breakfast

    2. I prefer "had gotten ready" (British English is it?)


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