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I forgot to add the following alternatives. Thank you.

1) How are you? I'm well.
I'm going to the mountains in Aosta Valley (to Aosta Vally- a region in Italy).
2) I destroyed/crashed/smashed/broke down/bumped the car.
Are the above verbs possible with CAR?
3) Can you suggest to me a verb which replaces: I had a smash up. (using a car?)
4)he entered her office.
5) It was three days since I met him for the last time (is it possible as a substite for "last"?)
The teacher had written a reprimand to her. (or written her a reprimand)
6) He left her (is it possible with the meaning of ""he dumped her?)

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    1. OK

    2. Not "broke down" -- and not "bumped" unless you mean you bumped into another car with yours.

    3. I was in a car accident. I had a car accident.

    5. It had been three days since I last saw him.

    The teacher had written a reprimand about her unacceptable actions in the classroom.
    (not "written her" or "to her" because the reprimand was not a positive thing!

    6. He left her <~~That words best if you're referring to people who are married. It could work for others, too, if they had been in a long-term relationship. Use these for boyfriend/girlfriend break-ups:
    dumped her
    broke up with her
    ditched her

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