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Chemistry 20

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The mass of calcium hydrogen carbonate that would be found in 52.0L of hard water in a bathtub is _______________ g.

The amount concentration of calcium hydrogen carbonate in the hard water is __________mmol/L

  • Chemistry 20 -

    You don't provide enough information to solve this problem.

  • Chemistry 20 -

    200 ppm Ca(HCO3)2 is 200 mg/L. In 52.0 L there will be 200 mg/L x 52.0 L = ?? mg. Convert that to grams.

    200 ppm is 200 mg/L which is 0.200g/L. Convert 0.200 g Ca(HCO3)2 to moles (moles = grams/molar mass), then to mmoles.

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