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courses per year the total comes to $8,760. With this information financial aid does not begin to cover my tuition for a year. The only other option I have is to apply for a student loan, scholarship, or a credit card.

There’s a downside to using a credit card because it is a source of installment debt. Financially at risk students from a statistical point of view have balances of at least $1,000 or more or they reach their credit limits. Students will find part-time jobs to pay this debt leaving them more vulnerable to other credit card companies offering them another credit card. As young adults starting out on their own will nine times out of 10 accept the offer of another credit card to pay off the first card.

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    What is yur question? Or, how may we help you? IF you question is: "What to do?" My answer, to being offered credit cards, "just say NO." It's so easy to get in over your head and ultimately there is only one person to blame --- you.


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    And ... what happened to the first sentence in your post?

    Is this your assignment? Is this your own write-up? What?

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