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Is it probable that the sun will become a supernova? Why or why not?

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    The Sun does not have enough mass to become a supernova because its mass is less than the Chandrasekhar mass (approximately 1.4 Suns).

    When the Sun comes to the end of its life (In about 5 billion years) it will slowly emerge into a red giant. The dying Sun will then throw off its outer layers, forming a nebula. The only object remaining will be the extremely hot core, which will slowly cool and then fade as a white dwarf over many billions of years, possiby until the end of our universe in what Michio Kaku at least calls the "Big Freeze"

    Interestingly, the fact that our solar system contains heavy elements indicates that supernovae have occurred here before. Our sun is probably the third star to exist in this cosmic neighbourhood, and our solar system formed from the particles left over from prior stars destroying themselves in spectacular manner

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    In an experiment on motion, a cart weighing 240 N was pulled up an inclined plane. Which of the following would be the expected reading on the spring scale as the cart is pulled up an inclined plane set upon two books?

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