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Can someone please check this to make sure this is right. The verbs are in quotes.
Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. Mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific tense used.

1. Education "plays" (present tense) a huge role in successful financial planning.
2. I "have" (present perfect tense) been learning basic math skills to better my finances.
3. You "will need" (future tense) to take a financial class to help you with successful financial planning.
4. I "am improving" (present progressive) cash handling skills and this will help my financial plan.
5. Yesterday, I "talked" (Past Tense) about how important it is to collect and organize my financial information.

  • Grammar -

    2. "have been learning" is the verb.

    All are correct now. :-)

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