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Business Ethics

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You are a high level manager who has been asked to present a PowerPoint presentation to your employees on the concepts of stakeholders and corporate social responsibility. Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following:
• What is a stakeholder?
• How does your business define stakeholder?
• Identify your stakeholders and what makes them stakeholders in your business:
o The employee
o The supplier
o The customers
o The government
o The local community and society
• How does your business communicate with its stakeholders?
• Discuss corporate social responsibility in your business.
• Discuss the social issues facing your company.

  • Business Ethics -

    You have posted your assignment, which no one here will do for you.

    If you have a question, ask it. If not, work on completing the assignment and then post what YOU THINK if you'd like someone here to critique your thinking and writing.

  • Business Ethics -

    Justin Beiber is an icon that's why his buisness works mel just believe in your self and your ideas to sucede in your goals
    (-3 pe...

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