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Thank you very much. Here are some sentences I'd like you to check. I included my doubts in brackets.

1)They trained him to be good and not evil. (bad?). Miranda taught Caliban how to put his thoughts in(to) words without gabbling like an animal.
2)Prospero taught him the names for (of?? Is possible) the sun and the moon that illuminated everything during the daytime and the nighttime respectively.
3)Caliban spoilt his relationship with them attempted to rape Miranda (better: when he attempted to rape Miranda) thus betraying the trust of Prospero. For this reason ("that’s why" is possible?) Prospero says that Caliban responds better to the stripes than to kindness.
4) Prospero and Miranda taught Caliban words to make his point understandable. They taught him the names for (also of?) the sun and the moon. Miranda taught him to have a human behavior. She taught him (about?) human relations (??).
5)Prospero allowed Caliban to stay in his hut until he tried to rape his daughter. For this reason (not “because of that”) Caliban is kept prisoner in a cave.
6) Caliban hopes that they will get drenched with the same dew as (is “as” necessary?) his mother Sykorax used to collect from unhealthy swamps.

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    1. Use "evil" and "into"

    2. "of" or "for" -- either works

    3. Yes, you need the word "when" in there; otherwise it's a run-on sentence. The rest is fine.

    4. Delete "a" in front of "human behavior" and I would use "interaction" instead of "relations" at the end.

    5. You have two instances of "his" in this sentence. They are unclear. Whose hut? Whose daughter?

    6. Yes, keep "as"

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