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2. what solution can you add to each of the following cation mixtures to precipitate one cation while keeping the other cation in sloution? write complete and net ionic equations for thr precipitation reactons that occur.

a) sr+2 (aq) anf Hg+2 (aq)
b) ca+2 (aq) and NH4+ (aq)
c) Ba+2 (aq) and Mg+2 (aq)
d) Ag+ (aq) and Zn+2 (aq)

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    There is no way you can learn this without doing it the hard way. Here is a solubility chart that may help you get started. I will start one of them, c, for you.

    Look at the solubility rules. The sulfates of Ba, Sr, and Ca ion are insoluble while those of Mg are soluble. (Ca is not all that insoluble). So we can add Na2SO4 to the solution and BaSO4 will ppt as a white solid. You can write the full equation. the net ionic equation is
    Ba^2+(aq) + SO4^=(aq) ==> BaSO4(s)

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