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I'd like you to check these other sentences please. Thank you very much.

1)The train is going to take eight hours to get to Rome.
2) The train journey is going to last eight hours.
3) We are flying back to Milan on 12 July. Our parents are going to pick us up at Milan airport.
4) On/for my summer holiday I'm going to go on a two-day trip in the mountains with my parents.
5) We are going to go on a car sightseeing tour of Rome.
In the following morning we are going to visit the Colosseum.
6) We are going to sleep in a tent and to eat in a typical restaurant.
It's going to be a fantastic holiday.
I'm going on a two-week holiday (at the seaside).

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    #5. On the following...

    All the rest is fine.

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