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a sample of limestone and other solid materials is heated and the limestone decomposes to give calcium oxide and carbon dioxide:
CaCO3 ----> CaO + CO2

a 1.506 g sample of limestone containing material produces 284 mL of CO2 at STP. what is the mass percent os CaCO3 in the original sample?

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    change the volume of carbon dioxide to moles of CO2, and you have the same number of moles of CaO. Thence, you had the same number of moles of limestone, change that to massCaCO3

    percent= massyoufigured above/1.506

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    so then would i take:

    .284 L/44 g/mol =.006
    then .006*100 g/mol =.645
    then take .645/1.506 = .429
    ---->.429 * 100 = 42.9%
    is this how i would get the answer?

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