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I checked other sentences. Can you please have a look at them.

1) Dorian wishes he would stay young forever while the portrait would grow old in his place (I changed the simple past into the conditional as you told me)
2) The sins committed by Dorian appear in the picture until in the end he sees the portrait ruined and decides to stab it but he mysteriously kills himself.
3) There are similarities with Goethe’s Faust (better: between Dorian and Faust) because both try to reach something that is impossible for humans (that can’t be achieved by humans?). For this reason, they sell their souls to the devil.
4) Youth and beauty are related because one is complementary to the other.
5) The aging (not ageing?) progress is seen as (is linked to) mental and physical decadence.
6) Someone is still yelling out for help because he fails (isn’t able to?) to put on his mask. Through the misty green eyes (correction: panes) of the gas mask Owen sees his friend dying.
7) You always failed to include the “s” to the third person singular present. Most of your sentences are disconnected and ungrammatical.

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    Check spelling: complimentary


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