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How many liters of air (78 percent N2, 22 percent O2 by volume) at 20 degrees Celsius and 1.00 atm are needed for the complete combustion of 1.0 L of octane, C8H18, a typical gasoline component that has a density of 0.70 g/mL?

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    (1) Compute the number of moles (n) of octane in 1 liter. The mass of that liter is 700 g, because of the 0.70 g/ml density.

    (2) Using the balanced reaction for oxidation, calculate how many moles of O2 are needed to burn n moles of C8H18. That number is 12.5.
    C8H18 + 12.5 O2 = 8CO2 + 9H2O

    (3) The number of moles of air needed will be 12.5 n/0.22 = 56.8 n

    (4) One mole of any gas occupies 24.2 liters at 20 C and 1 atm.

    Put the pieces together for the final answer.

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    V = 4316 L

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