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Can you please check these sentences? I did some of the corrections myself.

1)He wishes his portrait, made by a painter called Basil, grew old in his place.
2) Dorian wants eternal life and youth whereas Faust aims at/for infinite knowledge.
3)The aim of the poet is to present the pity of war, its humane (not human) aspect and to attack those who claim the war as (better: is) glorious.
4) Both London and Edinburgh are symbolical for the hypocrysy of Victorian society.
5)Dorian is a young boy that fascinates a painter, Basil, that decides to portray him.
6)The story can be seen as a 19th-century version of Faust, a man who sells his soul to the devil (signs a pact with the devil is possible?) to have all his desires satisfied.
7)The poet describes himself after a whole day spent fighting.
The soldiers don't care about the bombs that are falling down behind them on the fighting ground.

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    COMMAS NEEDED <~~I'm really tired of having to repeat this. Study this webpage, especially #s 1, 2, and 3:

    2. for

    3. human, is

    4. symbolic of the hypocrisy

    5. young boy who -- Basil, who

    6. Either phrasing works.

    7. I'd delete "don't care about" and insert "seem to be unaware of" and delete "down."

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