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There comes a time in history,when the Americans must break away from england and become a separate nation , equal with other nations like god planned all along.We care about what the rest of the world thinks,therefore we will clarify why we are motivated to declare independence.

As you can see the following things are intelligible,that all people are created with equal rights God made that cannot be taken away.These include life, freedom of choice and the pursuit of happiness.

To make sure we have these rights, people establish governments to protect these rights,by gaining power of the people.However if a government tries to withdraw peoples rights,the people may change or get rid of that government, and to organize a new government, it should be based by principles,and its power should be organized,so that it protects the safety and happiness of people.

In the past King George has repeatedly hurt the colonies and illegally seized power.His plan all along has been to become a dictator over the colonies.

We, the Representatives of the United States, knowing that god is our judge, declare that these colonies are free and independent states. WE'RE FREE.We can depend on gods protection.In support of this declaration we pledge our lives, our fortunes,and devoted honor.

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    You have paraphased the beginning of the American Declaration of Independence. I like Thomas Jefferson's version better.

    Those who signed it thought it was right. Those who didn't ended up going back to England or Canada, or fighting or spying for the British, and losing

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