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A rectangular rm. containing 192 sq.ft longer than it is wide. How long of a piece of crown molding is need to trim the bper. os the ceiling.?

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    This doesn't make any sense.

    Please proofread, clarify, and repost.

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    Ms. Sue
    A rectangular room containing 192 Sq. ft. is 4 ft longer than it is wide. How long of a piece of crown molding is needed to trim the perimeter of the ceiling?

    P.S Is this better Thank You very Much!

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    Ahhh! Much better! :-)

    A = L * W

    192 = 12 * 16

    P = 2L + 2W
    P = 24 + 32
    P = 56 feet

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    Ms. Sue God bless you ricly this was right. I will work on the next two.
    This is my 8th year at Valley College and the fouth time in same 090 Algerba Class. Praise the Lord I belive this is my last one. Thank God for you.

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    You're welcome.

    I hope this is your last time in this class. Be sure to post any other questions and how you think it should be answered.

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    The base of a triangle is numerically 18 less than its area,and the height is nummerically 25 less that its area. Find the area of the triangle.____ square units I need it quick as possible to complete homework night April 25, 2011.Thank very much!

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