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This is the raw data we got from the river:

The mins it took the tongue depressor to float from point a to b and the depth of the river on those days.

Using area x velocity, I need to calculate the discharge results for the following dates:

April 4 2:52 mins 1.55 meters
April 5 2:40 minutes 1.63meters
April 6 2:06minutes 1.7meters
April 11 1:17minutes 1.86meters
April 12 :59minutes 1.82meters
April 13 1:10minutes 1.8meters

How do I determine discharge?

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    Ms. Sue,
    I coverted the minutes into seconds and here is what I got:
    April 4 172
    April 5 160
    April 6 126
    April 11 77
    April 12 59
    April 13 70

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    1.55/172 = 0.009 meters per second

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